Welcome to Aprille and Brad's adventures web site. We have decided to compile our pictures and stories from all of our adventures together and put them in a place where everyone can read them. Too often our photos and memories are stored away and forgotten about so we hope that by posting them here we can preserve them as well as share them with others. Being able to share something when it happens help us to keep those memories fresh and alive.

As we travel we hope to update this site with new stories and photos and hope that our friends and families can follow our adventures and leave their thoughts and comments here in one location. Please feel free to add comments to the blog or individual pictures if you feel inspired. It is our hope that this site provides not just a monolog of our thoughts but an open forum for others to join in and share with us. It will help us to feel more connected while we are far from home.

The Web Log section of the site is a monthly diary of where we have been and our thoughts on those excursions. We will often include a picture with a web log that you can follow to the site where we store our photos. You can also see the may photo albums we have put together on the "pictures" page. The "destinations" page will give an overview of a country we have visited along with a map and general itineraty of where we went.